Our Favourite Ghalieh Mahi Story


My older brother attributes his implausible popularity in primary school to the seductive powers of Ghalieh Mahi! You see, on the first day of school back in the 3rd Grade, just about five minutes into the school year’s first recess, he offered a few of his new classmates some of his Ghalieh Mahi —the rest is history.

Ghalieh Mahi, Rayhoon’s signature dish & the pinnacle of Southern Persian Cuisine is a specialty of Iran’s Khuzestan province. Khuzestan has a rich and storied past and it was an early center of ancient civilization.

Our Ghalieh Mahi in the words of Dan Kislenko, Hamilton Spectator’s Food and Wine Editor:
“. . . Ghalieh Mahi the house signature dish and an icon of southern Persia. It’s three big fillets of tilapia luxuriating in a generous brick-red sauce based on tamarind and spiked with herbs and garlic. The fish was moist and flaky-tender, the sauce intense but not too spicy, the tamarind imparting a pervasive sweet-sour angle.”

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