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Eating With A Local: Restaurants In Burlington

Pomegranates, saffron and pistachios. Those are just a few of the ingredients you’ll find layered in the dishes at Rayhoon. With recipes inspired by the owner’s mom, your stomach is in excellent hands. The colours, textures, smells and flavour profiles will catapult you into sensory overload. more

Local Flavour | Rayhoon Persian Eatery

"Whether snacking on shwarma, slurping up spoonfuls of mulligatawny soup or lamenting the latest sushi, we are seemingly addicted to distant delicacies. Surprisingly, it seems we have yet to give Persian cuisine quite the same chance." more

Give Your Taste Buds a New Experience at Persian Restaurant

Burlington Post, 19 June 2014 - In Your Neighbourhood
"Rayhoon Persian Eatery in Burlington knows that no matter what your age, when it comes to food, it’s important that you take the time to try new things. Most people aren’t aware that it actually takes 20 to 30 times to try a food before you will actually acquire a taste for it. By choosing a variety of different foods with different colours, from different food groups, you are not only able to obtain a well-balanced and nutrient-dense diet but also experience many delicious and exciting options." more

Rayhoon | Persian cuisine is both familiar and strange

"The folks who have become regulars at Rayhoon Persian Eatery in the nine months since it opened are going to hate me for this review. Their secret is out, and now everybody will know about this somehow alien, somehow familiar cuisine." more

GOOD TASTE | EAT YOURSELF THIN: Rayhoon Persian Eatery

Hamilton Magazine, Spring 2012 - Barbara Ramsay Orr
"Persian cuisine, for example, is delicious, flavourful and satisfying, but also healthy. So it is a distinct pleasure to discover a new Persian restaurant locally that produces the brilliantly spiced and historic dishes from this very old culture. Rayhoon Persian Eatery opened in the Village Square in Burlington in June 2011 and has been attracting a loyal following." more

Rayhoon Persian Eatery in Burlington

"Family friendly or dinner for two, Rayhoon Persian Eatery is a true destination. Follow any of the winding cobblestone pathways of our 19th century village and you will find your way to Rayhoon Persian Eatery nestled at the centre of historic Village Square." more