How to get the most out of your saffron


Did you know that saffron is currently the most expensive spice by weight in the world? That’s why it’s so important to know how to get the most flavour out of each thread. We use saffron to flavour many of our stews and rice dishes. It’s also very common in other dishes around the world, including paella, risotto, and bouillabaisse.

This process is very easy to do, if done correctly.


Step 1:

Start by taking the saffron threads, and crushing them with either your fingers, or a mortar and pestle. This helps increase the surface area to maximize flavour extraction.

Saffron Threads

Crushing the Threads














Step 2:

Put the saffron into a container and add hot (not boiling) water. Using boiling water can actually decrease flavour extraction.

Add Saffron to Container

Add Hot Water














Step 3:

Be sure to mix the saffron into the water.

Step 4:

Now just cover, and let steep for about 15-20 minutes.

Cover and Steep














Step 5:

Now that all the flavour has been extracted, it’s your turn to get creative.You can use this saffron infused water in your cooking, whether you’re making rice, a stew, or a marinade. We like to strain the saffron strands out before use. Simply pour the saffron water into your dish, and mix it in.

Pour Out the Saffron Water

Mix Well

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