Garlic is good for the Soul!


We’ve all been told of the many great benefits and applications of garlic … Anywhere from its numerous health benefits & healing powers, to its application in warding off Vampires … But at Rayhoon, we love love love LOVE garlic for one and only one reason: Garlic is good for the Soul!

It has what we refer to as the mmmmmmm… factor. You know, the instant your taste buds register its presence …an uncontrollable/involuntary reaction causes a gentle tremor that is initiated deep within your lower jaw (causing the audible mmmmm…) and gently makes its way down to your chest and (as my mom always says) warms your heart!

And anything that warms your heart has got to be good for the soul!

Some of our most popular dishes at Rayhoon are graced with healthy doses of garlic. They include Ghalieh Mahi (Tilapia, herb, garlic & tamarind stew) and Dahl Addas (potato & lentil stew.

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